Collection of works: Sicardus of Cremona; Alcuin et al.

Zürich, Zentralbibliothek, Ms. C 80, f. 1r
Shelfmark Zürich Zentralbibliothek Ms. C 80
Author Alcuin, 735-804
Sicardus, Bishop of Cremona, d. 1215
Date of Origin 9th - 13th century
Material parchment
Extent II + 116 ff.
Dimensions 24.0 x 17.5 cm / 23.3 x 16.5 cm / 24 x 18 cm
Illuminated no
Language Latin
Leo Cunibert Mohlberg: Katalog der Handschriften der Zentralbibliothek Zürich. I. Mittelalterliche Handschriften. Zürich 1952. S. 46-47 und S. 359.
Historical Collection Bibliotheca Carolina
Record Author Leo Cunibert Mohlberg
Date of Publication 20/12/2007
Date of Digitisation 18/01/2007

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