Ptolemy: Quadripartitum, with gloss by Ali Ibn Ridwan, French translation by Guillaume Oresme

Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France MSS Français 1348 - f. 1r.
Shelfmark Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France MSS Français 1348
Author Alī ibn Riḍwān, d. ca. 1068
Ptolemy, 2nd cent.
Translator Guillaume Oresme
Copyist Raoulet d'Orléans
Illuminator Workshop of the Master of the Bible of Jean de Sy
Date of Origin 1362-1363
Material parchment
Extent 223 ff.
Dimensions 290 x 215 mm.
Illuminated yes
Language French
Previous Owners

Charles V, King of France (1338-1380)

Charles VI, King of France (1368-1422)

Jean Bigot (16..-16..)

Émery Bigot (1626-1689)


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Historical Collection Library of Charles V and Family
Record Author Véronique de Becdelièvre
Date of Publication 01/01/2012

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